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leaps into the trash

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new haircut selfies from the cutest hairdresser ever.

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valvala said to make yuri maids so i did :3c

her name is clove and shes a witches maid/familiar. the witch claims to have summoned her from a pumpkin pie but that could be a blatant lie, clove is too dumb to think badly of her master

clove loves sweets and helping out (even if shes a ditz and ruins things a lot), she always does her best to get tasks done. she also loves boobs a lot, and has no tail for some reason, but some pretty sweet cat ears

these resized HORRENDOUSLY please click them to see how they actually look :(

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While I’m on the subject of Morrigan, this was totally the worst part of Dragon Age: Origins.


While I’m on the subject of Morrigan, this was totally the worst part of Dragon Age: Origins.

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For those in the Smash fandom who are unfamiliar with Fire Emblem Awakening (and Robin)

1. Robin’s appearance and name can be customized.
2. Female Robin is a potential spouse for Chrom.

It happens to be my favorite pairing so Robin’s Final Smash for me is literally OTP FINAL SMASH. No shame in my shipping game. ;;

And for those familiar with my “Robin”, Valarie, yes this is still her, yes there is a reason for the lack of eye patch, and yes, I’ll probably draw it later, and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with Smash Bros. 

Drawn on the 17th. (I usually keep track of dates by uploading to tumblr when I finish something but seeing as I can’t do that right now, I’ll just have to put the dates down in the description, sorry!)

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Relationship level 1: awkward flirting

Relationship level 2: getting naked

Relationship level 3: “what type of bender would i be in avatar”

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"you’re too young to determine your sexuality" said no one to the heterosexual teenager

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Anonymous said: What's the first thing you are going to teach your kids?


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